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Hi John
Thank you for your post.
That is what I was hoping to get from the forum a few hard questions.

I can/have asked and Answered most of those questions, some are impossible to answer until the product gets into stores.
The reason I intend to start off small is simply numbers I need to be able to supply what I say I can.
I have had interest from a couple of national chains that have told me to come back when the product is out there and talk then and I have only approached two. I have been working on the business for nearly 12 months so I haven’t taken anything lightly I have tried the best I can to cover as many bases as I can however like any business the proof is in the doing not the saying.

It is not a Ice-cream and there is nothing on the market as yet similar.
For starters it is healthy and the main ingredient is a Australian products.

But my question has not been answered as such, what are the margins the distributors work on for example my product will sell in the $3.50-$3.80 range what can I sell it for at most($1.80,$2, $2.50????)

Regards Stephen