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Hatching_It, post: 200300 wrote:
Hi there,

If you’re seeking to act as a business on eBay and make money, then yes you’ll need to register as a business.

The good news is that it’s free to register as a sole trader and obtain an ABN. Your business name will be your name and you can then register a separate business name as well if you want, they’re about $35/year.

Go here and scroll to the bottom to apply for one – https://abr.gov.au/for-business,-super-funds—charities/applying-for-an-abn/apply-for-an-abn/

I wouldn’t bother registering for GST etc to start with as you only need to register once you start turning over $75,000 through the business.

Have a read of my blog (in my signature), I started an eBay business in November last year, starting by selling a couple of things around the house and we’re just now registering for GST as we’re turning over $6000+ a month.

Good luck!


Thanks Maclean, will definitely check your blog. Cheers.