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Hi Chris

Legally accountants cannot provide specific advice in situations like this, you would need to actually go to an accounting firm and engage their services. I am an accountant and can pass on my details if you wish.

What I can say is: you can register for GST in any basically any entity, sole trader, company, partnership etc. You do not have to register for GST if your annual turnover or expected turnover is less than $75k, but you can voluntarily register.

A family trust can run a business but it is probably not a great idea to do that if you do not have control of the trust. Also trades work I believe is caught under personal services income (generally), which means that unless specific conditions and tests are passed(or failed depending on the test) the income has to end up in your personal income, regardless as to whether it is run from a company or trust etc.

Over the past couple of years the ATO has been targeting tradesmen and personal services income so i would definitely hire an accountant to get specific advice.

Other questions you need to consider are: is there anything that i need to protect (ie asset protection), do you plan to hire employees in the future etc.

I hope this helps in some small way.