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ShellysBookkeeping, post: 200459 wrote:
Due date I copied invoice date, you could use any date but as you would expect payment at order time, the due date becomes the same as invoice date. Tax type I entered manually into the csv, I think you could set up big commerce to export this correctly, but I didn’t go back and try. If all your sales are Oz, entering this manually is not a big deal. If they are a mix of overseas and Oz then it would be better to set bigcommerce to export correctly.
Cheers Shelly

Agreeing with Shelly on this one. You will need to export into a Xero format CSV and then manually populate some of the columns it is asking for such as the due date and tax type. Should still be much quicker than manually entering each invoice directly into Xero.

I’ve not used Big Commerce before, but I’ve had a client who had an in-house CRM system that was generating about 2,500 invoices per month. We got the CRM system to populate an overnight CSV file which their bookkeeper then uploaded the next morning. Seemed to work fine, so it is possible with a bit of IT tinkering :-)

Hope that helps a bit?

Luke – Busy Beans Accounting.