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Rhys, post: 200874 wrote:
Hi Marskos,

What you are trying to do sounds to me to be pretty simple, not sure why it is causing problems – we have lots of clients syncing data from a variety of e-commerce platforms (including Big Commerce) to various accounting solutions.

Having said that we don’t enable this sync for all clients, and from what you have written not sure we would do so for you. Based on your post I think every sale you make is fully paid at the time – ie you do not offer credit terms via your website (for example you don’t sell to any distributors or retailers who pay you at a later date).

If that is the case I would almost certainly NOT sync sales invoices to your accounting package at all, I would cash account the receipts (money in via Paypal / E-way / etc). If you have overseas or other GST Free sales you will need to adjust for this at least quarterly, but that is vastly simpler than syncing 100 invoices, then having to individually apply payments against each.

And if you are concerned that the cost of having a bookkeeper is too high, beware the cost of not having one!

Good luck with this, cheers, Rhys

Thanks Rhys!

Not having to sync the invoices – awesome!! Accounting software and book keeping is obviously not my forte but up until now it has seemed like a whole lot of extra work instead of making it easier!
I thought I had to get all the information in there…