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Jenny Spring
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Hushy, post: 200420 wrote:
Hey all, Looking for some advice on dealing with a bad type of customer.

Recently done a job for a client and on receiving the the goods send back a photo of a defected item that wasn’t picked up before shipping, photo’s were sent to us with a very upset almost offensive email, i replied strait away saying that we will fix the issue no questions asked, so we put the wheels in motion to re-do the work.

Because one of my staff done the work I didn’t really see the job so I couldn’t comment to much on what had happened and as our returns policy states all faulty items must be returned via post as first step. when I offered the client for our courier to pick up the items at no charge to him things started getting a little messy, and then he decided that the whole job we done for him was useless! in years we had never had this reaction before so I was a little worried but had only seen a photo of one item.

After a think about the situation, how much free time I had put in the order because the client didn’t have art ready etc, I done it all for free as a first order “gift” I emailed him back and said that our courier is ready to collect the whole job and if needed we would re-work the whole job, He had already sent stock to some of his clients tho. In this case I said that’s fine just send back what you have. so I can get this sorted ASAP

The client then refused to send back the stock leaving me in a situation where my hands were tied, I had two photos out of 40 items and they photos were so bad I didn’t really have anything to go by, countless times I said please just let us have back the stock so I can investigate at no cost to you but he refused saying that we were going to and quote “Rip him off” now this guy has Two businesses in Sydney with two warehouse locations, money might be tight for him but we didn’t really get why he was being so up-tight about the whole thing.

I decided to nut this out on the phone, I generally don’t work like that because i’m only a two person operation and some of the work doesn’t allow us to answer phones, that plus I don’t have phones skills. I just don’t like phones.

He wouldn’t let us pick up the goods after 10 mins of back and forth and being over the moon polite trying to work out an option for this customer I cracked and said I was going to refund him for the job and he could go else where to get the job printed.

The deal of the refund was to send back the goods once refund was made. I refunded then and there, the whole lot including shipping.

7 days later I contact him because I wanted things to calm down and he would have surly got the money by then, We asked for a good time to pick up the goods and his response was:

“I have given all the shirts to my clients, because you would have just thrown them out, so it doesn’t matter.”

Then went on to explain all this rubbish that was totally off the wall ridiculous, at this point I knew this guy was just a rip off and I was sooo angry I’m glad I lived 4hrs away from his business.. I ignored is last email and thought ok, I have now gotten rid of this customer, but I feel so dirty being ripped off like this, and its so simple for the customer to do this! then I looked at his facebook with pictures of his clients wearing the garments! they look fine!

What are your experiences with this kind of thing? Was I being a sucker refunding so quick? and is there anything I can do about this kinda thing, Its never happened to us like this before and have really awesome customer relations… We were threatened with social media onslaught and even a “Drive” down from Sydney with the boys..

Interested to hear your thoughts, Hope we never land one of these clients EVER again.

Wow, a nasty piece of work.

Some people you know you never want to do business with.

Brush it off and move on. 99% of people are decent and reasonable, and would’ve responded with appreciation for how you handled this. He is the 1% that you will happily never do business with again.