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This really sucks, and it happens all the time…people just cannot be trusted, that’s the bottom line.
The best way to avoid this, is to get money up-front and make sure to lay-down the ground rules of refunds before the customer makes payment. That way, there is no confusion. Maybe even go a little extreme and have them sign a piece of paper that states they understand the process, just so legally you are covered.

About this particular situation, here is what I would have done (however, this approach doesn’t work with everyone – I am, as it has been put – quite tough when I need to be):
– Asked for more photos after the first one was sent.
– Explained the refund process again
– When he refused to have the goods picked up, I would have explained that the refund is not possible without the items being returned, and pushed that point as he argued with it, because I am sure he did
– If he agreed to have the goods sent back, then once the courier had received them, I would have refunded the money
– If he didn’t agree to have the goods sent back, I would have said something along the lines of, “I am sorry you feel that way, however this is the policy put in place, so unfortunately we cannot help you. I wish it were different, but I simply cannot break company policy.”

I would not have refunded the amount because I am so distrusting of people/customers after working too many years in retail and hospitality, that I believe everyone is out to scam business, especially small businesses.

I really hope this doesn’t happen to you again, because it is awfully frustrating and it does make you feel terrible.
Also…try and improve your phone manner. People don’t have time to respond if you are on the phone, the way they do when communicating via email, and it is a lot easier to get your way when you have a good phone manner.

Best of luck!!