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MissSassy, post: 200520 wrote:
Hi Kathy and welcome

Have you tried any networking?

People need to feel comfortable with you and your business before they just book. Maybe for the first one you can offer a 2 for 1 deal to gain interest. Sometimes in the beginning you have to try different things until people get to know you and are familiar with you.

Thank you for your feedback and comments. Fortunately the people who are facilitating the fitness programs have willingly offered to market the retreat to their clients, but that’s about the only networking so far. I realise that an online reputation and credibility is so important to all businesses and unfortunately I’m still struggling to build one. I’m hoping once I’ve finished the first retreat I can get some feedback, testimonials and reviews online.

The video opt-in Five Steps to the Best Version of You, doesn’t mention the retreat until the 5th video (for the reasons you’ve outlined). In the first 4 videos I’m simply trying to establish rapport and provide them with lots of value added resources.

Maybe I need to explore other networking opportunities.