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I’ve gone off Bootsrap a little too. There’s a lot of lightweight grids out there, but I’m enjoying this one (sucked in by the image grid without margins) … http://www.fitgrd.com.

Enjoyed reading your code, seemed nice and lean. and well commented. Must be, I could follow most of it and I don’t use WP and I can’t write PHP.

It’s given me an insight into the inner workings of WP I hadn’t really investigated before … noticed you were able to defer some script loading to the end of the page, I had wondered why most slow WP sites don’t do this and assumed it was some quirk of the WP machinery. Glad to know you can do stuff like this if you really know what you’re doing.

I normally only view WP code as a “page source” view, was surprised by how much actual PHP code is running in the “view” when looking at the raw code. Seemed weird coming from the Ruby camp, guess that’s what PHP was built for?? Doesn’t create security issues?

Anyway, Kudos for posting code on Github, it’s a great resource and probably my most visited site, especially when I’ve screwed something up, or getting my head around something new.