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Not sure what you mean by multi row grids. Do you mean rows nested in rows? Bootstrap handles those fine.

No. Imagine a grid of differnt blog posts, let’s say 3 across, and more than one down. These are all in the same “row”, but multi-rowed. There’s no additional “row” DIV in there, just multiple column divs. Bootstrap is fine if those grids are all the same height, but being floats, if the first two elements in a 3 column grid are very tall, and the final one very short, then the fourth grid element – the one that should be first on the next row – will appear under the far right element.

If you simply floated elements left you would see what I mean.
(or see attached image)

If you’ve played with complex grid layouts you would know what I mean.
(trust me, I’ve run dozens and dozens of grid frameworks through a multiple of different layouts, most of them come up short outside anything other than a set number of elements across a single row)