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Jenny Spring
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BiNiGlobal, post: 200476 wrote:
Hi everyone,

We are just finalising exclusive distribution rights (for Aus) on US made children’s educational products. Being new to the business world, I would appreciate any ideas on best and cost effective ways to capture the market without spending a fortune.

We were thinking of doing it through trade exhibitions, social media and google ad words. Any other avenues to market the brand? Can any one recommend a good sales agent (experienced in kids/children’s’ market)?

Or any other unconventional ideas will also be great.

BiNi Global

P.S. Due to the stage at which we are now with regards to the distribution agreement, I won’t be able to share more info on the product lines.! ! But the industry segment is educational/early learning products for children aged new born to 10 years old.

Hi BiNi(?)

Regardless of whether you plan to sell through a sales agent or not, you definitely want to be knowledgeable about your end customer, and your stockist. To do that, I recommend you have a few ‘house accounts’ and these are the ones that you work with directly. This way you’ll hear directly from them about your business and your products. If you allow this to be filtered through an agent, you run the risk of losing valuable information.

Finding a good sales agent is very difficult these days. Firstly, sales agents are asking ridiculous commissions for what they do, without any responsibility for revenues. It is extremely risky for you to work with an agent who is subpar. So choosing a good one is critical and should be mutually beneficial.

You’ll definitely want to build your brand for these products, this will also build your opportunities with stockists as well. A stockist is keen to keep a product that is well known by the public. So putting a good marketing plan together is important, and you can definitely utilize some of the huge benefits we are seeing through highly segmented and targetted Facebook advertising that is available.

I work with an educational company who is also distributing products from the USA, and she has a similar 30/70 model that you do. Don’t be afraid to build your direct presence, without it you’ll struggle to get stockists.

Also, #1 rule is – build your email list first. Website is second. Facebook is third (I mean Facebook for social engagement). Keep the order right, and you’ll reap rewards much quicker than if you reverse it.

I’ve a series of relevant wholesale resources for you, including the most important questions to ask a sales agent before you hire one etc. You can find these for free on my blog, and also in books etc.

I can also assist with sales funnels and advertising etc.

All the best!