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MD Clean
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The value of the business will be based on a number of factors that are important to you.

For example, I would pay more for customers clustered and close to home than I would for customers spread out and not close to home,

I would pay more for a diverse group of customers that I would for 2 big customers so that I can spread the risk.

I would pay more for customers with a higher average profit margin than I would for those with a low average profit margin.

I would pay far less or nothing for late paying customers.

We know he says he paid 3k for his site but what asset value does it hold? For example, If it brings in 10 customers per year @ $30 average profit per fortnight, then you have a basis for working out a value.

I strongly suspect that it brings in no customers and therefore has no value. If you open an incognito window and do a simple search for any keyword associated with the business, you will find where it is listed in Google – if it is not in the first 10 results, it probably has a value of minus the monthly payment x the length of the contract eg, a 12 month contract at -$33 per month to your business would mean that I would offer $396.00 less for the business if the website was included.

A domain name is on $11.00 per year and zuver will host a basic, low volume site for $24.00 per year

The other problems is that you are potentially locked into a single provider to make updates so lets say I bought a $3k car 3 years ago and now the gearbox shudders but I can’t look for the best deal to fix it, I must only use a high charging monopoly mechanic to fix it…. good deal? And here is the kicker, I want to sell the car with gearbox problems to you and lock you into the exy mechanic… and I want you to pay the same price I paid… good deal?

tldr: the website may have a negative value so negotiate hard and good luck!