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Hi MD Clean

No it is not really aimed at giving newbies the wrong conclusion, it is trying to warn them that there is far more then SEO which will give them sales. SEO is just one part of the whole sales and marketing arena, and of running their business.

I totally agree with you it is far better been on page one than on page 10. No arguements from me.

Yes SEO is important, again no arguement

There are some excellent SEO people on here and other places as well, in fact I respect all of the ones on here giving regular advise. (PS thats no endorsement from me, but I would quiet happily contact any of the regulars on here if I was looking for SEO).

Price does play an important factor in SEO, BUT price is not the only determining factor, it still comes down to what is been offered for your dollars. And it all depends on what your website needs to determine the price. Its horses for courses, not everyone has to pay top dollar to get well placed. We don’t want newbies to think that you have to pay top dollar to get good SEO, even some of our regulars on here have indicated that in other threads. I fully agree that there are some cowboys who do the rong thing at rock bottom prices, but there are some good people, who eveluate your requirements and base price on that.

And finally my one point which none of the SEO guru’s seem to be able to grapple, a number one ranking WILL not guarantee you ANY increase in sales. If we don’t let the newbies out there know that fact, and they just blindly think lets throw dollars at getting a page one ranking then we in the community have failed in what we set out to do. Which I believe is to help others. Making sales is far more than page 1 ranking, a fact some SEO people have over looked.

I know some business’s who have no website or very poor websites, but their business is going through the roof in comparison to business’s in the same industry who have page 1 ranking. And sure maybe they could do better with page 1, but it is not essential.

Sorry Gene the mower man for the rant, but this is directly relevant to your decision on you purchasing the business with the website or not. the big question is what benefit is it and the cost of it going to give your business. they are asking a lot of money, and ongoing costs, you need to determine if the benefits outweigh the costs.