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themower, post: 200534 wrote:
… there is not much coming from the website …

Without seeing the site, this is probably your best negotiating point in my opinion.

I might be a little late on this conversation, but I would suggest asking for the site analytics and applying the economics of your mowing business.

You should be able to work back a value based on unique visitors per month and ultimately leads per month (a tracked web enquiry form or click2call button will give you some indication). Multiply your average customer value to the volume of business the website is generating.

The replacement cost also needs to be factored in assuming you want a website of some kind. This includes your time to write new content, work with a website designer and/or create your own via a website builder.

There is also good value in simply having a website from a brand perspective. There is an assumption that you are more established if you have a website.

Many people simply look to see if you have one, especially when trying to decide between multiple providers.