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Gizmo, post: 202476 wrote:
Hello Ellen,

To my knowledge the only way to do US$ => US$ is with a NAB COCOA account.

Most payment gateways should accept this.

But if there are other cost effective options I am all ears as this is an area that I too would prefer to see a better solution that frees you from only using one bank in Australia.

Based on my research, yes NAB is the only bank that both Braintree and Stripe are using. NAB requires a min US$20K to maintain an USD account, else it will be A$20 monthly fee. I would like to receive USD from my international customers and pay in USD to my suppliers. In this way, I do not slap with exchange rates. CBA has a USD account which only costs $10 monthly. So I am not sure why only NAB and no other banks’ USD account. I do not want to pay so much fees nor I want to lock my money.

Hamish – What is the estimated timeframe for settlement in USD going to be? I am still deciding between Paypal or Braintree.