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Thank you everyone for your input! This is sincerely appreciated!

I am new to this company, and I am yet to receive authority for our website.

I agree that it needs a complete re-do, although I do know that the aim was to show a relaxing environment.
I also believe it was done on a budget, so there may not be much I can do to change it.
I think the adverts are for another business that the owner runs, and their website has our business in their adverts. I will however pitch the idea to remove them from The Boss Man, as Byron Trzeciak, you are right – I think of pizza and kebabs whenever I see it, which isn’t overly helpful to bring in clientele.
I sincerely doubt we will be able to change the domain name, as that is how our business is spelt, but I will look into it.

Again, thank you for all your input! I will enjoy writing a brief and having a meeting with The Boss Man to see how changes can be made.

– Mathilda