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Tony Manto
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Hi Net, good to have you here. You have asked too many questions with too many variable. It doesn’t really work that way. Most of the questions you have asked need to be answered by you. You have to do your market research and formulate a plan. Once you have a plan you can then ask specific advice and get feedback to confirm you have made the right choice.

But the first choice must be yours…

1. Should I use a new name for my label?
(what do you think of my new label)

(2. What is the fashion season cycle at the moment?
(What do you think about this fashion range)

And when is the expected delivery period?

4. What is the ideal mark up for boutiques?
(this you can establish once you have your buy price and compare it to what is selling in the marketplace)

5. For new label, should I get fashion agency to sell my range? Or is it better to approach the boutiques?
(easier to get someone that has the contacts first)

6. What percentage does fashion agency charge?
(Ask them)

7. How many pieces in 1 collection should I have at minimum?
(your agencies will have this answer)

8. How much does PR agency charge?
(ring and ask)