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The Rogue Counsellor
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TehCamel, post: 200645 wrote:
I beleive it’s a very very low margin market and yes, prices are relatively fixed.
I also think it’s highly regulated, needing working-with-children check, meeting all sorts of safety requirements, dietary and nutrition requirements etc. Child-staff ratios, insurance.. staff all have to be trained..

Have you considered Family Day Care, instead of a centre?

that said, there’s almost certainly a market for a new centre. There definitely is where I live – we’ve had a 2 year wait and we registered 3 motnhs before they were born.

Hi Tony,

I agree with Andy. This is a high cost business to run (at the mercy of changing govt rebates and new or ever changing regulations) but essential and therefore ‘safe’ in one way.

The Family Day Care option is a viable market because it can provide services for a niche within the market (or just take all comers, whichever is preferred.)

I’m aware of someone who owned a child care centre who is now providing Family Day Care for a very specific group of parents with stringent requirements around diet, activities etc. She said that her profit now is no different to the profit her child care centre cleared, without all the administrative, logisitical, HR, legal and financial hassles associated with running a Centre. But she has been very focussed about attracting parents after very specific characteristics and who are willing to pay well to have these requirements met. Hers is a boutique market, but it certainly seems to have paid off.

Could be worth considering …

Good luck

The Rogue Counsellor