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TehCamel, post: 200645 wrote:
I beleive it’s a very very low margin market and yes, prices are relatively fixed.
I also think it’s highly regulated, needing working-with-children check, meeting all sorts of safety requirements, dietary and nutrition requirements etc. Child-staff ratios, insurance.. staff all have to be trained..

Have you considered Family Day Care, instead of a centre?

that said, there’s almost certainly a market for a new centre. There definitely is where I live – we’ve had a 2 year wait and we registered 3 motnhs before they were born.

Hi Andy,

Thanks for your replying. Family Day Care is a good option. I know some friends started their child care business with Family Day care first instead of opening a centre. By the way is that Ok to tell me which suburb are you living? I think the best way for us who do not have some related business experience to buy a excting one instead of opening a new one, unless I could find a parter or mentor guide me.