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The Rogue Counsellor
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bb1, post: 200741 wrote:
I havent read all the pages but I get the idea after the few that I have read.

you say that you go to a counsellor and they don’t actually give you the answers, it is all up to you to answer them yourself.

Well just from reading the few pages on your website, you also give no answers, and in reality just a heap of motherhood statements. If your Q&A. For free, How to’s and life stuff is any indication of what your for sales are offering me. I am not buying.

Honest opinion, as a sales technique, you have turned me of as a potential client.

Hi Bert,

Thanks for your feedback, it’s excellent. Here was I worried about being too directive, and you’re telling me I’m not directive and specific enough :)

I’d be really keen to get your opinion when some more of the q&a’s go up over the next few weeks. From a counselling perspective the advice is very directive and pointed, but from what you’re saying it needs to be much more directive and pointed. You’d be a great person to test the q&a replies on – do you mind if I get in touch?

Thanks again for taking the time to have a look, all input is welcome and the stuff you don’t like is what I’m most interested in.