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biads, post: 200890 wrote:
Hi Everyone,

For those who haven’t seen my intro, my name is Dan and I’m new here. I want to start an online store, and am a relative newbie. I have a lot of knowledge when it comes to payments, but my knowledge elsewhere needs building.

I have an idea of what I wish to sell, I am looking at the website side of things now. So my first questions are these:

1. What platform would you recommend using. I have no programming experience, but can get assistance. I like the look of WordPress using Woo-Commerce, Shopify and Magento. Does anyone have any thoughts on these platforms or any others you could recommend? I have preference to a hosted platform, however I have heard these can prove troublesome..thoughts?

2. Just a side question. I am hoping to sell pet supplies online. Starting with cats and dogs. I was wondering if anyone had any experience in this industry. I am in the early stages of deciding on product range. I would look at dropshipping to begin with, until I had the cash flow to warehouse. I am looking for companies that dropship that have good product ranges I could offer. Ideally I would work with about 2 or 3. Does anyone have anyone they would recommend?



Hi Dan,

I have no experience as seller of pet supplies but am a buyer and have recently started doing so online when I was horrified at how much more expensive Pernaease Powder was to buy from my local vet ($62 vs the $45 it costs online for the same size, which includes shipping).

The supplier I’ve found has been fine, and I’ve left positive reviews. They occasionally put a little treat in with my order which is nice, but I was thinking some sort of rewards card or a discount card would be a great idea to build loyalty in this industry. I have two big dogs and buy this stuff every month.

There must be tons like me who once we need a supply need it all the time. Anything that builds loyalty with these repeat buys has to be a good thing.

Just my 2c worth.