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The Rogue Counsellor, post: 200896 wrote:
You’re more than welcome Dan.

One other suggestion – having a search function on your site where customers can search for a product by name (as opposed to just category) is really helpful. When I was looking I tried a number of sites trawling through ‘vitamins and supplements’ as not all would give a result under ‘pernaease powder’. I knew what I was looking for and wanted an easy way to find it.

Just another point to add to your research list.

And do let me know when you’re up and running – happy to test your system by buying the pernaease from you if its competatively priced. I can give you feedback on the shipping process too, another important feature for repeat customers. :)


Thanks again Lee. A search function is something I have always found useful, so I would definitely be incorporating it into my site.

As I mentioned, I am in my research stage at the moment, so I’m not sure when this will be a reality. I will be sure to let you know when everything is up and running. I’d be grateful for the feedback.