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Hi Sam’s Little Bo-Tique, (I like the name),

If you’re still looking for a website, I would definitely recommend WordPress. Once your site is built, it is the ideal platform as you will be able to add new content yourself as your business grows.

Also, with a little patience and the use of online guides, (Youtube is great for this) it is possible to get a WordPress site up and running yourself. Many hosting companies do one click WordPress installs, and then you can choose a theme and start creating your site.

If you would like any advice on this don’t hesitate to drop me a line via my signature link below.

And if you would prefer to seek the help of a developer to build the site, I would be able to help there too. I specialise in creating affordable small business websites and could have you a customised WordPress business site up and running for as little as $300.

All the best with your project,