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JamesNorquay, post: 203642 wrote:
Depends how large the website is for an Audit to be priced.

If you have a 200,000 page website then a $750 audit will not be viable.

If your site is say 150 pages then $750 may be an ok “starting point”.

Agree with the points above you really do pay what you get, and most free tools will scratch the surface on metrics and show you really top level metrics.
Hi James,
Providing potentially complex info via a forum is always difficult.

I agree with the above in general, however the complexity of an audit can also be impacted by the the volume of products/services offered and how potential customers may search for info about them. (In theory a 10 page website in a market where its competitors contain 200,000 pages should also require a lot more research than one where all competitors only contain 10 pages.)

For large sites, an audit might explore a sample of product/service pages and use these as an indicator of the SEO problems on the site.

This approach uses the old 80:20 marketing rule (80% of profits come from 20% of products). In my experience, an audit based on this principle can often cut SEO audit costs dramatically yet still provide the basic answers needed.

I don’t believe you will find this level of SEO sophistication in a free SEO audit.