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Peter Mead
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NickKaro, post: 201553 wrote:

After some feedback on recent SEO efforts. We engaged a company for some minor SEO work. More recently, they have offered an audit to determine any backend issues with the site and quoted around $750 for the audit. Resolving any issues is around $1800.

Now, can someone explain what would be undertaken as part of an audit and whether this is worth $750?

To me, it sounds like we’re paying for the business development or proposal aspect of engaging with a service provider, which is foreign to me.

Thanks in advance for any feedback.


Great topic. I have done plenty of audits. Here is my take.

It is less about what you get for $750 and more about who is doing the audit.

Others on this tread have also pointed out that the type of website and the intended audiences are also a big factor.

There are some very fundamental audit items that are pretty standard across most types of websites, but I really feel that a decent audit is a very personalized process.

So to make sure you get quality, I would do your research on the provider. Some companies put lots of pretty logos on their site to make it look like they are well respected in the industry. Do some checking into their profile, the LinkedIn and other social profiles, and see what kind of activities they are involved in. For example I would tend to go with a provider that is recognized and regarded in the industry. Better still, if someone recommends a provider to you after having a good experience, then maybe go with them?

It is also worth contacting any of the testimonials or references that they are putting up, talk with any of their clients get it from the horses mouth. Lots of people reading SEO 101 and then claiming they can do audits.

Either way, and audit is essential, and preferably on a regular basis. So it wont be the last audit you get. But definitely try to get a quality SEO Provider who you are comfortable with and who understands your business.