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Nick the Startup guy
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Hi Debbie, thanks for sharing this post about an important topic.

I’m in NSW, so we’re governed by WorkCover.

One thing I will ask all micro-businesses at this point,

Do you hold a current St Johns First Aid certificate? If the answer is no, then PLEASE read on.

According to WorkCover NSW, all PCBU’s as they call us (Persons Carrying on a Business Undertaking) – stupid name, basically meaning all micro-businesses are required by law to hold a First Aid qualification.

There used to be an exemption for small business under 25 employees however, these laws have been replaced with the requirement that all small owners are required to be suitably qualified in First Aid. My certificate is up for renewal shortly and costs about $150+GST with an expiry of 3 years.

If you’re unsure exactly what your requirements are, get onto the WorkCover NSW site.