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whitsey, i am in the SAME BOAT, this year i have spent 50% of my time on this issue as i have so many clients now, i generally take a break from 15/dec to 1/feb and use that time to just “think” and this will be one of the major items on my agenda.

i’d love for you to PM me and we can toss ideas around.

but as far as a reply to your post this is what i did recently.

I sent all my clients a $60 invoice and stated ” unfortunately shit happens and it just happened ” i can email you the exact letter i sent, so anyway i spent a whole week fixing a bunch of sites that got hacked.

last weekend 6 of my clients sites got hacked and it took me friday to fix it only to wake up saturday and a new HACK OCCURED they just keep changing, well that took all weekend until i found the fix.

i have 3 other cllient sites that have hack attempts every 7 seconds, ! yes every 7 seconds, i have another site that gets a hack attack every day at 1pm, but you put in software so it automatically protects you.

as for charging, like i said, it something i am working out right now.

here’s my theory:

if a shop has a BRICK thrown through its window ( note: the word brick ) and the person comes out to repair it they get paid, tomorrow someone throws a metal pole through the same window ( note: metal pole ) IS the person who replaced the window responsible ? no …. of course not…….. thus that is how we need to state that to our clients.

would the shop owner EXPECT the glass person to come back and repair it for free ? NO, so why should we ?

these website attacks are getting more and more especially on ecom site

my intention is to lay it all out in my initial terms and conditions.

the next thing yo are now thinking is ” but people will use someone else” and the answer to that is tell them ” these are the things other webdesigner won’t tell you “

just my opinion, i’d love to chat and throw ideas around