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Calcul8or, post: 202434 wrote:
Just wondering if anyone’s ever used an online business /company tax lodgement service before? The kind you submit everything online. Are there any FS accountants that offer this service? Any recommendations or opinions?

I was state manager for one online firm. I came on board shortly after start up and was instrumental in setting processes, sacking bad accountants and finding replacements.

There are many online options out there – bottom line if you do all the work yourself and risk wrong claims then it will be cheap and realistically you may as well use the free service and system provided by the ATO. The more help you want the more it will cost you.

There are many who are not tax agents themselves but are doing the work and sending it to a registered tax agent base. Some of these are good some are very bad and set clients up (unknowingly) for problems should they get audited.

Then there are accounting firms like mine that are run by real and very experienced accountants and tax agents. We do work for clients from all over Australia and receive their info by post, email, photos from mobiles, and meetings held over Skype etc. Realistically this is your best choice but you need to watch costs. Real accountants vary in price dramatically, it depends on where they are and how much they want new business, so be careful.

There is even a trend in firms to charge more to give the impression of – wow they must be good – which isn’t necessarily true.