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We’ve used Vend for a few years now (and in fact helped them troubleshoot a bunch of problems back in the day).

Yes, there are alternatives (like utilising the back end of your website for example), but what Vend (and lightspeed) offer is compete integration.

eg, we send a purchase order to supplier – when it arrives, we receive the stock (which is synced to our website) and then send the order to Xero for our accountant to reconcile.

You can run reports based on numerous things (eg, today we ran a report on how many sales we made in the first week of Jan, to determine whether it will be cost effective to open on the 5th, or later.

you can even run reports on busiest times of day, which would help with your staffing levels.

Plus, you have other integrations (like Collect rewards program) that make loyalty even easier

We originally used the back end of our website, but the functionality was limited. Also, when we opened our second store, we wouldn’t have been able to determine where stock was etc.

Yes it’s a pain, but it is a necessity.