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Nim, post: 203475 wrote:

Thanks for that valuable advice. If you don’t mind may I know how to find whether it is a trading company or direct supplier without physically being there?



Not meaning to be the bearer of bad news although it is nearly impossible to ascertain if they are or are not a trading company from within Australia.. In fact, its quite hard to tell even if you meet them at a factory.

Surely Johny or IMEX (not sure they have used an actual name yet sorry) will pop along with some little pointers as there are little things to look for, although from afar its hard to tell. EG:
– Do they appear to have a large variety of items that do not look as if they go together? eg: they sell wooden outdoor furniture and then LED lighting? this can be a give away
– or simply ask them, you are then relying on honesty and translation, although you can ask,..,.
– or recruit someone like Johny to make investigations from his end (HongKong) to ascertain if a trading company or not etc etc

More to the point though, is that dont always be concerned by trading companies.. just because you are not dealing with the factory doesnt always mean you are being taken advantage of… I buy a few items from trading houses as i have found this specific item and the manufacturer are quite small and do not deal with the ‘rest of the world’ and thus outsource to agents… So dont always back away from agents as such… just an FYI..

All the best and look forward to others input here.


ps.. everything is relative to what you are buying, quantities you are buying, investment you are putting in and effort you are applying to achieve your goals…

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