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Interesting conversation and some great insights…

Sometimes what is truly important is your conduct, how you present yourself (meaning your operation) and your future plans.. Meaning, hold yourself high and show you actually are a business which is conveyed through your ABN, Business Name and your mannerisms when you talk about yourself..

If you go up to a counter and say similar to verbatim to Jenny’s comment of “we are currently looking for a supplier to be our keystone lead product and your item seems to be the ideal item and would like to know a little bit more about your supply channels”… This may present you more positively..

as opposed to..

“we are considering going into business and just looking around at present, dont have an abn as we have yet to commit to the whole process but would love to talk to you and see if things can move forward if i decide to?”.. bit like an old term ‘tyre kickers’ for that shop for a new car and never buy a new car… Not inferring this is you, just some distributors decide to spend time a little more with those already set up or already established.

We attend trade fairs regularly for various purposes and in our times we have certainly seen a difference with the reception of our interests when we have a card (generic) or dont have a card… Also having a clearly defined idea of what we are looking for comes across more professional, even if we are on the hunt for something new we exhibit positives in what we have found and research more.. This counts for both local and international suppliers….

If you are committed to setting up a business selling items, why not set up a business name + abn + shell website with contact details etc to show you exist and also come up with a backfilled story of who you are to support yourself in the queries you are undertaking.

All the best, let us know how you go.


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