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Jenny Spring, post: 204169 wrote:
You are thinking of this fom your own perspective rather than from theirs. Walk in their shoes, and you’ll understand and be able to give them what they want.

Pull out your ABN, put some confidence into your voice (or email), and tell them what you are doing, when you will launch, and what you need.

i.e. My online store will cater to this specific profile, I will be stocking these styles of brands. I need your minimum quantities and wholesale price list.

Thanks for that encouragement – excellent thoughts, and it makes perfect sense.

Our next steps are registering an additional business name for our existing ABN under the new ASIC scheme with the national register. We’ve got the domain(s) we wanted, so putting up a simple “about” page with information (and a mail-list signup) is the next step.

The initial business is specialising in my wife’s hobby, so we already have a clear picture of which global brands fit our plan, and which don’t, so from the point of view of talking to suppliers we’ve already got a pretty well defined set.