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SimplyReplica, post: 204209 wrote:
If you are committed to setting up a business selling items, why not set up a business name + abn + shell website with contact details etc to show you exist and also come up with a backfilled story of who you are to support yourself in the queries you are undertaking.

All the best, let us know how you go.


Yep, I’ve got the domains (www..com.au, and .com). We can now send more official looking emails :)

Next steps are (in semi-chronological order, with some exceptions)

  • Talk to accountant re: Tax structure (subsidiary of existing ABN or ??), Accounts structure/setup (COGS accounting etc.).
  • Register the business name with ASIC under the appropriate entity’s ABN
  • Outsource graphic design for Logo
  • Put up shell website with blurb and a mailing-list signup
  • Get supplier agreements in place and build product list
  • Decide on e-comm site software config (cart/inventory mgmt/accounting/payments/shipping and appropriate integration)
  • Strengthen marketing campaign
  • Build site and test on internal network
  • Deploy site