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Justin Laju
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jabar, post: 202732 wrote:
Hi Jason and leif,

thanks both for your answers they are great, so from what I get could I do the following?:

start by sending an email
Followed by cold phone call if they no reply,
Followed by visiting?

I guess I can only visit stores on my city (melbourne). The thing is I took an online course about wholesale and they suggested the best is to approach by email as store owners are always busy and dont want to be interrupted.

Lets say I send an email and they dont reply, I would assume you want me to keep trying, so how long after the email would be a good time for a phone call? should I just appear one day in their store with my products?

Is there any book I could read that can instruct me on this specific topic?

thanks if you can answer me

You’re heading in the right direction here, but drop that “best is to approach by email as store owners are always busy and dont want to be interrupted.” Please, I promise, purge that from your head forever!

They are only too busy to take calls that are not of interest to them. And your product is excellent for them as it is unique, has great visual appeal, and strong market saleability (if that sentence is not correct than choose a new product.

Bit, seriously – let go of that ridiculous idea, its holding you back.

Most people, not just business owners – don’t understand how fear operates.

When you push yourself forward to manifest – the first thing you will encounter is the “obstacle field” or “resistance field”. Which is another way of saying, when you forge a new creation, the first thing you pull toward yourself is all of the energy that was holding the old status quo in place. When you step up to make a business from nothing, you are hit in the face with a big surging unknown – its not FEAR. It is infinite potential. And infinite potential scares the hell out of 99% of people. They conjure up their idea, are instantly “slapped in the face by reality”, and then slump away feeling “it doesn’t work”, or “it’s too hard”, or “I’ll be out of business soon!”.


So that’s the fear of creation covered lol

Regarding the path forward…

Call them first. It is far more professional, you will gain priceless market intel (who wants what, who doesn’t, what they say about why people why customers will buy your product, assess market trending and sentiments etc), and you will be forging rapport and relationships from the very first call.

Do not be discouraged by rejection, let it fuel you.

1. Call and introduce, hoping to get the decision makers name (person in charge of purchasing)
2. hope they will ask for a website or some details – if not say you have some details you can send them “what’s the best email to reach you?”.
3. Send details
4. Follow up call to ascertain interest, and assess buying cycle for each prospect. Some of them have set times to buy, others buy on spec.
5.Close them, meaning step up the conversation to make it more directly asking for a sale. ie “Would you like to place an order, Jim?” (set google calendar events to yourself to remind call backs if they say – “call us in June next year or next week” etc – immerse yourself in them all)

But you need to have clear pricing, clear shipping, clear visuals of the products, and a clear transaction process on how they order.

Remember to focus on the best Features of your products, and what the benefits of those features are. That is essentially what will stand out to their customers, and that’s what they will be focused on. You may be focused on getting your business moving, making sales etc – but you must engage empathy and get your eyes on their end game not yours. Focus on what you are giving to their customers, and to them – think like they do!

I’ve taken wholesalers from a standing start to good sales flow with that very process. We set appointments, and perform “call to action” campaigns doing just that. We also train business owners in the art of appointment setting, telesales, and telemarketing – which works very well for wholesalers. You just need the correct ethos, a sound approach, and a steady longevity based system to work to and keep you grounded.

Make pain your friend, digest fear into potential – just make it happen!