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Jenny Spring
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chesslife, post: 203033 wrote:
Howdy Solo-ers,

We coach chess and run a pretty tight schedule when it comes to appointments. We are now finding some of our clients are taking quite a casual approach to re-scheduling and cancellations. Sometimes leaving it quite late, making it hard to fill in the gaps.

Without coming across like a mean tyrant and billing them for the class, what do other people have in place? 1 week to 24hr cancellation policies? late cancellation fees of 10-50%

Is a gentle reminder on the website and newsletter sufficient to get the message across? What is a good policy that does upset your client base?

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts!

Kind Regards

David Koetsier

David — once I started invoicing my clients upfront, and then letting them know there was a 3 week wait period before we could start with them, THEY NEVER CANCELLED!

Take control of your business, build your client respect by being busy. If they cancel, then they can reschedule, but they need to wait 4 weeks to get in. Get prepayment for #sessions, and let them know if they cancel a session, it is counted anyway.

I’m surprised you are worried about upsetting them, when they don’t worry about upsetting you by cancelling…

It isn’t about being rude or providing poor customer service. Just about respecting what you do, and making sure you build that respect in your customer base as well.

Good Luck!