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Hi Flyingfox – agree with you.

The cost point is interesting. I guess the challenge is to tie their online spend directly to a return (hard I know). For many small business 1 sale a month through the website would see a positive ROI on $20/month but you really need to control most parts of their online activity if you are to measure that effectively.

flyingfox, post: 203663 wrote:
In my experience the following are the most common objections:

1) Time
– too busy or it takes too long
2) Cost
– even at $20 a month – too expensive for their business model
3) Expertise
– can’t learn to DIY or can’t engage in a technical discussion so closes down
4) Motivation
– already enough customers or not top of mind, other priorities
5) Not whole solution
– unless they are happy with a vanity site + business card traffic, they also need some sort of sales and marketing system that makes the whole thing scale. So add Search, Social + Content Marketing to all objections above, especially 1)

There are others, but these are the top issues I’ve hit.