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RachelWrites, post: 203473 wrote:
Even though you’re not a people person it actually sounds like you’re a “helper”. I.e.: you love being around people but only if the focus is on them, not you.

Er, not quite. I don’t mind being around people when I have something constructive to do. I’m not a social person, rather more agoraphobic and socially anxious. I can often get past that if I’m particularly interested in the activity going on, but for the most part am a blend-into-the-background quiet type.

The passion you get when you run a business doesn’t necessarily come from how excited you are about the product or service you are creating.

Rather, it comes from a firm belief that the product or service you are creating adds real value to someone else’s life.

Actually for me I do have to feel passionate about the product or service. I get bored easily and frustrated easily, and if it’s not something I enjoy then I lose interest, find it hard to concentrate and the quality and quantity of my work diminishes. In fact, the last commission job I had took me five or six times as long to finish because I couldn’t get motivated to do it for more than a couple of hours per day. Thank goodness I was working for someone I knew and who had no deadline requirements. I actually have severe issues maintaining a regular work schedule, motivation, and good mood because I don’t personally enjoy said work. It outright depresses me when I’m not doing a job I like and even left a good job because I was that bored of it. (Robert I hope you see this. I forgot to mention it and it was ahem, rather an important point to include)

Yes, the business needs to add value to someone else otherwise it’s not a business but a hobby.

When you lose passion quickly and feel awkward getting your product out there, it is often because you have developed the product or service for yourself because you thought you may enjoy it – not because you truly believed that what you were creating was a way to help others.

I try to have a balance of both. Initially yes, I was doing things because I thought they were interesting but that’s mostly because I don’t have a business or sales background. The past few years have taught me that you can fit your aesthetics, ethics, vision, etc into something marketable (or is that vice versa?) that is ‘disposable’ in the sense that you can change your product/service as required by the demand for the business. It’s an odd pragmatic approach where you’re not emotionally tied to the product/service, but still offer it because you enjoy it and believe in the principles and vision behind it.

And I would guess that many other soloists would agree that if it’s not personally enjoyable to do, then why do it?

I wish you all the best in your next business venture :)

Thank you :) Hope that time wasn’t wasted and that somehow this thing will all fall into place … eventually.