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ThexArm, post: 203769 wrote:
Very powerful post indeed. Although the post is very long somehow there was that excitement to keep reading until the end. That tells me that you can be a very good writer. Have you tried writing? I think if you can find a genre or niche that you are interested then you can be very good at it. Writing is very powerful and does add real value to peoples’ life.

Thank you – yes, writing is one of the ‘sideline’ things I do for extra cash. More importantly it’s one of the things I don’t like doing as a job. I do it because I have few other options not because I want to.

You are not ‘lost’ you are very much ‘found’. Because you know a lot about yourself.

Sure, but knowing a lot about oneself doesn’t translate into other people understanding and accepting you, nor does it translate into having business sense, nor does it make it easier to get one’s ideas out of one’s head in a way that is profitable.

Thank you for the compliments though. After some thought this past week I think I have the direction that I want to go in and have just spent the past two days researching my ideas.