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The idea is good from product perspective. If you are targeting new houses then you need to make sure you supply it to the stockist who stocks all other electrical items. I personally think it would be too much to expect from a builder to order these separately.

Then if there is enough demand for this product in the market then current electrical suppliers will start supplying. It would be much easier for them to introduce a new product than for you to build the market for your product. It would be too costly in terms of marketing costs. So, it would be wise to research the market to determine whom you want to supply it to. I am talking about the marketing channel.

On the other hand if you target old houses then I can see there is a market. It’s not that people don’t know they need it but people don’t know that there is such product. So, if you can educate them through your marketing (cold calling and flyers) and let them know that it is there then there is money for you.