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Harmonysweetpea, post: 203365 wrote:
I’m a psychologist and recently started contract work under an organisation. I am paid by Medicare minus the organisations percentage on client claims. I was told to become a sole trader to allow more claims, and have been keeping track of kms travelled for appointments & any related tax deductions, such as professional indemnity insurance and registration fees etc. As an accountant with medical professionals as clients I expect you will earn in excess of $75k in fees so you will need to be registered for GST even though many Medical treatments are GSt free supplies. As for what you can claim – you can claim for any expenses or purchase that is incurred in the earning of the business income. Also you will need to discuss your trading entity with an accountant as other set ups may be available and more beneficial. Depends on your exact circumstances.

I have also taken on a small writing role as a content/article creator for a website at a price per article. I am yet to get paid for this so am unsure how this looks.

On top of that I have a self-hosted wordpress blog that is lifestyle based and has some paid advertising on there (I’ve earnt $4 haha) and opportunity for sponsored posts. Long term plan is to turn it into a profitable business.

Do I identify the writing role and the blogging as ‘jobs’ also come tax time? I will be seeing an accountant this time as it will be my first sole trading but just not sure which counts? Also, would I be eligible to claim a new laptop as a business expense for my psychology role? These would just be called something like Other Income and be included in the same business figures.

Sorry for such a loaded post.