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I’ve been working with PPC for about 6 years now, starting in an agency with large clients and have transitioned into running my own SEM agency. If you plan on running a PPC as a trial, I would suggest you focus on some of the following so you don’t blow your budget:

  • Don’t use generic terms like ‘ink cartridges’, ‘replacement ink’
  • Only focus on exact and phrase match terms for the products on your site ie ‘[canon pg 640]’ and ‘”canon pg 640″. Do this for every product on your site, this will ensure you buy only the most targeted traffic to start with
  • put each product into its own adgroup. This way you can have a targeted ad with the product name in the headline. This will also give you a better CTR and quality score
  • before you launch your campaigns, make sure you have conversion and e-commerce tracking set up properly. This will let you see which keywords are driving conversions
  • make sure you have a daily budget set and have an end date on the campaign if it’s only a trial. This will stop you from going over budget. You can always adjust these as you go along

I’ve managed an ink cartridge campaign in the past and it worked well, you just need to make sure that your account structure is really tight.

Good luck with it all!