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Some good advice here from the various contributors, I’d add to that and say be sure your pricing is competitive, your website efficient at converting and your margin generous enough to cover the costs.

You also need to think in terms of lifetime customer value v. customer aquisition costs.

For example, If on average, your website converts 1 in 10 visitors and your traffic cost is say $15 for those 10 visitors, then is your margin on that average sale more than $15?

Maybe not…


If the average customer becomes a repeat buyer (because of your great service, your prices, your follow-up and customers offers, etc)…

…then you have spent the $15 acquisition cost on acquiring a customer who might spend many hundreds, maybe even thousands over the course of time.

If on the other hand your site is not so good at converting visitors to sales, or your pricing is not competitive… you won’t even get the first sale.