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Hi Chris,
As Rhys has mentioned there are several ways to approach this, depending on your current data in cashflow manager. I will usually recommend a client start from 1 July or the first day of the current BAS quarter I.e 1 October. This way your current BAS is contained within 1 file and the information easy to compile for your BAS.

I am concerned that if you haven’t been consistent with cashflow, do you think you will be consistent with MYOB especially as you have to learn a new software too.

If your cashflow file is a mess and you are not sure how reliable the data, you could start from 1oct, and ask your accountant / bookkeeper to help you determine the opening balances for your myob file. Then import only invoices that were unpaid on 1 October and any raised from 1 October onwards. This will help you match bank transactions for the current period and so they don’t get lost in the changeover.
Hope this helps