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Looking at our reach, we have 1500 likes…

It ranges from 20 – 200, but one post got 750. So over the last 20 posts we reached about 2500 people which is pretty good for a platform that cost nothing.

We ran some pretty targeted add to our website a few weeks ago – got about 100 likes which was pretty good. We are doing some serious FB advertising soon.

I know a lady who runs lot of FB ads. She sell wellness getaways, it’s been very successful for her.

help4bis.com, post: 203524 wrote:
For example today I looked at some FB traffic, they are all reposts of pictures, youtubes etc. Nothing really original anymore. I enjoy FB, and get some good content. Not sure what you mean by this. I get a range of content, some good some orginal, some not. But if it’s not original, but it’s interesting, why would I care?

help4bis.com, post: 203524 wrote:
For a business, I guess you need to be on FB to capture some of those leads but the ROI is …. well becomming less. Fangate pages are restricted etc, unless (sorry) you do paid adverts you will not get the spread.

I personally ignore the adverts as it is. You might, but people click on them, FB is making tons of money so someone is clicking.