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Good morning all,

I find Facebook all a bit too much. Maybe I am getting old (43) but I don’t have the time nor inclination to sit and read through ‘stuff’ -ironically I do it here, but I am learning something from you all and do find it quite interesting.

I have a personal FB page that was created about 5 years ago to get in touch with friends around the world, which was good, but now I get bombarded with daily photos of cats and what they did or didn’t eat last night.

My partner (not a technical person) set up a FB page for CoolFlyers in the hope I would work my magic and all would be good but I don’t see how getting lots of “likes” from a once of message will help business.

I understand how exposure works, like in any other format, the more exposure, the better. But I feel with FB there is too much information (of little value) and not enough time and therefore the overload just shuts me down.

As a customer, if I choose to like 50 pages which have come to me one way or another (friends or ads), how do I possibly keep up with what is occurring in those 50 businesses. I might have a few I am really interested in and return to but unless I buy right there and then, I believe all is lost in the ether – on a list of ‘likes’ sitting at the bottom of my page.

I have never spent any money on FB nor though any connection with FB and when I ask others they say the same which leads me to believe that FB is not really somewhere to spend too much of my time marketing.

In a gold rush, it is said the people who make the most money are those selling shovels. FB and Goolge are selling a hell of a lot of shovels (shovels being advertising) to many who are digging for gold. Some find gold. Many don’t.

There are so many places we can list our businesses in the hope we find that gold and I am not really sure how to make use of them all. I am finding luck with the old fashioned ways, talking to people, and following up with the use of new technology.

After all, we all enjoy a bit of personal attention.