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IncredibleCo, post: 203559 wrote:
I believe I read this somewhere…

There are two kinds of likes, organic and paid.

When someone likes your page organically they are also following you.

When they like your page through a promoted post or link, they are just liking your page. In essence you are just getting increasing the digit next to the like box by 1.

This is why paid likes are mostly useless.

This doesn’t make sense. Ok if you paid a company to buy you a pile of links from India, but if someone chooses to like your page after seeing a promoted post, they are still following you. They have still chosen to like the page because they saw something of interest and want to stay connected.

We do need to remember that as Matthew said, Facebook is a free platform and if used well can be a really strong part of your marketing. I find so many business owners make the decision on whether to use Facebook, or how to use Facebook based primarily on their own experiences without thinking that they aren’t their whole market (if the target market at all). Facebook is great for small scale testing, use small amounts of paid advertising to see what engagement you get , then tweak, tweak and tweak some more. If a promotion doesn’t get the likes or clicks you expect, change the image, change the text, re-target it…

I find as with all other marketing actions, you tend to get back what you put in. You have to spend time on Facebook, creating high quality, engaging content to make the most of the organic reach you get. For example, a brand new business (talking 2 days old) a spend of less than $20 so for on a page promotion and we are sitting at 87 likes (a mix of paid – 20 and organic). The latest post has a reach of 56 so far (that’s 65% organic reach) because we used a great image, information and asked a question and have gotten engagement (also from our new ‘paid’ likes). Social traffic to the website has really positive numbers and behaviour – all from Facebook.

The right business with the right strategy can do really well with Facebook, even turning those likes into $s Bert :)