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IncredibleCo, post: 203568 wrote:
AmberS – Check your own Facebook business page. There are two buttons over your cover image. One says like(d) the other says following. You can like a page and also not be following it.

When you promote your page through Facebook, you’re only paying for likes. Not followers. Essentially pointless.

And when you click on like, the following button gets a tick. You can’t click on following until you have liked a company. But you can unfollow while still liking – but this is a separate action. If what you said was the case, then no one who had liked a business page would see organic posts and be able to interact with them unless they kept going back to the business page. I simply ‘like’ many businesses, often those I see as promoted posts and get their content in my feed.
Test it out, I just clicked the like button on an Emirates sponsored post. When I then go to the actual Emirates page, I have liked and am following them.