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bb1, post: 204282 wrote:
I know that this is an old thread, but funny I was listening to the radio this morning, and you can buy 15,000 likes for $300.00 or 1 Rupea each. Beats paying $18.00

Yes, there is quite a few of these deals available, I would certainly stay away from them however. And what’s point of 15,000 likes if you do not get a single bit of engagement from it?

To add to the overall discussion, I think a Facebook Page can benefit any business if used the right way.

The important aspect is to post interesting content that will entertain and/or inform your audience. FB business page owners should also mix there own (created) content along with the reposting of other relevant/appropriate content.

If you can spin a good bit of link bait and have that connect to your business in some way, you will get more eyes on your product / service. I have had some great success (i.e increased traffic) with carefully considered FB posts that link back to business sites.