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Hi All,
It seems to me there are certain issues to do with using Facebook as a communication medium that are ignored or not understood. If folk are coming from a search engine generic or paid links referrals perspective it is possible there are big gaps in their expectations.

Some thoughts for your consideration:

1. Facebook is primarily an entertainment medium.

2. Facebook ads are therefore more like advertising in specialty magazines. Your ad needs to over-power the user’s focus on a different part of the screen. The viewer is unlikely to have a need for your product/service when it displays. This is completely different for search engine ad users.

3. Following commercial Fb pages. Most follow company Fb pages to get discounts, freebies, coupons or competitions. The research says that when businesses stop these offers, people stop following them.

4. Check out the Fb potential customer profile. Is it relevant to your type of business?

5. Fb is probably more useful for consumer products/services that are “trendy”. Fashion, fitness, plastic surgery, entertainment are examples.

6. Fb is probably more valuable as a tool to generate more revenue from existing customers than as one to attract new customers.

7. You are likely to generate most benefit from Fb when you use it to refer visitors to your own website

8. You are likely to obtain best value when you publish a page on your website specifically for the Fb referrers of a specific Fb promotion.

I’m constantly assessing different online markets. That includes the use of social media and search engines. What amazes me is the huge investment in social media over many years for very little return is implemented by many small businesses.

This is not a criticism of social media rather one of an observation about how poorly its communication attributes and characteristics are used by so many businesses.