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Some interesting observations in this discussion – thank you.

I’ve almost given up using my FB business page for business and I certainly wouldn’t spend a brass razoo on advertising there. I’m close to closing down the page and spending valuable time on real work instead.

I try to find time to ban unengaged likers (I’m a musician – a Brazilian bikie likes my page? Pssssht….out he goes) .
Reason? Some colleagues and I did an experiment across four continents and found that FB only shows posts to about 20% of likers – up to 30% with more engaging posts. So, logic suggests that unengaged likers are just going to dilute the pool of engaged likers.

The only bit of use FB provides is to lob posts on my home page about events around the world in my field. Even then, I miss out on most of it because if you like a page, there is no guarantee that you get their posts.